1921 Clippings

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7th May 1921 – Birmingham News

Kings Norton, Northfield and Harborne Districts
Selly Oak & Bournbrook

Children’s Summer Party – The committee of the Children’s Christmas Tree and Summer Outing Fund held a meeting at the Selly Oak Institute on Tuesday night.  Mr. Harbun, who was chairman, was supported by Mr. Roberts (treasurer), Mr. Davis (secretary), and Mr. Baldwin (assistant secretary).  It was decided to hold the children’s summer treat on Saturday, July 23rd, in Gibbons (sic) Park, Selly Oak, when a procession of some 4,000 children will parade the principal roads en route to the park.  The following workers were appointed to serve on the Catering Committee: Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Oakley, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Cotterell, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Faulkner, and Messrs. Clarke, Batchelor, Cotterell and Pugh.  Twenty workers were elected to serve on the procession.  The Field and Sports Committee will be as follows:- Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Ramsey, and Mrs. Truebody, Councillor Hart, and Messrs. Pinson, Bates, Fortey, Graham, West, Savin, Smith, Colbourn, Oakley, Hill, Crow, Hunter and Horton.  The chairman and officers of each committee will form the Finance Committee.  Further arrangements in connection with the treat will be made at the next meeting to be held at the Institute on May 24th.

30th July 1921 – Birmingahm News

Kings Norton, Northfield and Harborne Districts
Selly Oak & Bournbrook

Children’s Festival  -  The annual festival in connection with the Bournbrook and Selly Oak Children’s Christmas Tree and Summer Outing Fund was held in Selly Oak Park on Saturday last.  A procession comprising scholars from 15 schools, Life Ambulance and Life Brigades, Shenley Boys’ Bugle Band, Wigmore Boys’ Band, Scouts Bands and St. Barnabas Bagpipe Band (97th Midland), Senior Maypole, and the Undenominational Church Choir, headed by Elliott’s Brass Band, left Harrow Road School at 1.30 and paraded the principal thoroughfares en route to the park.  At 2 p.m. the Wigmore Boys’ Brass Band commenced a well arranged programme.  The children sat down to a well catered tea at 4.30.  Music was the order of the day, and the entertainments provided for the children furnished them with abundance of interesting activities.  There were maypole dances which proved most interesting, punch and judy, conjuring and ventriloquism, created their usual share of amusement, and open air concerts were provided by the Queries’ Concert Party, the Bournbrook Concert Party, and the Country Girl Concert Party.  Dancing in the annexe was much enjoyed until 9.30, when the party dispersed after a very enjoyable and successful festival.  Prizes were provided for the best decorated car and three prizes for boys and girls for the best fancy dresses.  Captain Anstey proved a very able judge, and gave the following awards:- Girls’ fancy dresses: 1, Madge Tippin (Pink Lady); 2, Norah Delaney (Black baby); 3, Dolly Pulfer (Gipsy); consolation prize, Mabel Coxon (Patches).  Boys’ fancy dress: 1, F. Hardiman (Jockey); 2, G. Bastock (Aladdin); 3, L. Doyley (Chirgwin, the White-Eyed Kaffir); consolation prize, Reg. Evans.  The prizes were presented by Mr. C. Harbun (president of the fund) and Mr. C. Clarke (committeeman).  The following are to be congratulated upon the great success of a huge undertaking, with the assistance of a willing band of workers who formed the committee:- Mr. C.H. Harbun (president), Mr. T.G. Pinson (vice-president), Mr. H. Roberts (hon. treasurer), Mr. W.A. Davis (hon. secretary), Mr. W.C. Baldwin (assistant secretary).  Mr. H. Bates proved a very able chief marshal of the procession and sports programme.  Much credit is due to Mrs. W.A. Davis and her staff of workers for the able manner in which the catering was carried out, an arduous task made all the more difficult and trying by the heat which prevailed.  Mr. W.A. Davis desires to express sincere thanks, on behalf of himself and the committee, to Captain Anstey of Elliott’s Welfare Centre and the Directors for their kindness in providing motor vehicles for the conveyance of the infants in the procession; also the Directors of Components Limited, for providing motor vehicles for the same purpose.  The marshalling of the scholars for tea was excellently arranged in the following order:- Out scholars, Bournville School, St. Stephen’s, St. Edward’s Infants, St. Edward’s Mixed, Raddlebarn Infants, Raddlebarn Mixed, Tiverton Road Infants, Tiverton Road Mixed, Dawlish Road Infants, Dawlish Road Girls, St. Mary’s Infants, St. Mary’s Juniors, Hubert Road Boys, and Harborne Lane Boys.

30th September 1921 – Special Sub-Committee appointed to consider Scheme of Works for Unemployed

The Superintendent submitted the following report:-

Proposed Work for Unemployed

With regard to the work to be found in this department for the unemployed, there are many schemes that could be taken up with advantage, particularly that of repairs and renovations in the various parks after the severe wear and tear of the summer, which is more than usual owing to the exceptional season and unemployment.

For instance, a portion of Aston Park by Trinity Road, a portion of Summerfield, and also portions of Adderley, Victoria, Calthorpe and Kings Heath Parks to be worked properly, should be closed down and seeded.  The other parks should all have attention, and I estimate that at least 250 men could be continually employed on this work during the winter in the renovation and re-making of the bowling and tennis lawns and cricket pitches.

(There then follows a commentary on several specific locations.)

I submit the following summary of the parks, together with the number of men for each park, for your Committee’s approval.

Suggested Number of Unemployed
to be put on at the various Parks

(from a list of 25 locations involving 510 men)

Selly Oak Extension                  10 men

Your Sub-Coommittee recommend that the suggested works to be carried out by the unemployed as mentioned in the report now submitted, be approved, …………………….

2   Resolved:-  That the suggested works to be carried out by the unemployed as mentioned in the report be approved, ……………………..

28th November 1921 – Finance Sub-Committee

The following report of the Superintendent was read:-

Statement of Income and Expenditure for the half year ended 30th September 1921.

Selly Oak Park:

                                    Estimated,1921-22         Actual to 30th Sept 1921
Income              £  75                             £  67.    5.  8
Expenditure       £795                             £399.    9.  9

835   Resolved:-  That the report be received and entered on the Minutes.