1927 Clippings

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10th January 1927 - Special Meeting of the Parks Committee

The Chairman explained that the object of the meeting was to consider, and if thought fit, approve the draft estimates for the next financial year in accordance with the statements and summary annexed, copies of which had been forwarded to members of the Committee:

(Detail for Selly Oak Park extracted from a lengthy report, which was subsequently approved:)

Financial Year 1927-1928
                                                          Estimate           Actual to              Proposed
                                                         1926-1927        30th Sep. 1927   Estimate 1927-1928

Income                       £80                    £51. 19. 7.            £80
Expenditure            £850                  £436. 12. 8.          £852    

18th January 1927   (Administration Sub Committee)

The following report of the Architectural Assistant was submitted:-

Birmingham Battery Company
Roadway – Selly Oak Park

In accordance with instructions the foundations of the old roadway have been grubbed up and a new road constructed with secondhand material as far as possible.  Drains have also been provided and the surface of the road tarred and coated with slag.  The work will be completed next week.

27th January 1927 – Finance Sub-Committee

The City Treasurer presented to following report:-

Unemployment Relief Works 1924-1925
Scheme No. T.687   £2,181. 13. 4.  Tar Paving at Various Parks and Recreation Grounds, etc.
Schedule of work carried out by the Val de Travers Paving Company Limited and the Asphalte and Cement Company

Selly Oak Park
Area (no units specified)                            930
Total Cost                                                £34.  17.  8.
Wages Paid by Contractor                        £26.    3.  6.
Total Number of Working Days                 12
Average Number of Men Engaged Daily    4
Aggregate Number of Working Days         48
Date of Commencement of Work              30th April
Date of Completion of Work                     18th April

14th February 1927 – General Purposes Sub-Committee, reported on
7th March 1927 – Parks Committee

Alderman Lovsey submitted the following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee:-

Cricket in the parks

Your Sub-Committee report that (as in the case of football) several cases have occurred during the past few years of applications having been received for the registration of clubs to play at certain parks with apparently no real intention of playing proper matches.  This may have resulted in the exclusion of bona fide clubs or in such clubs having had to be allotted to a park other than the one desired.  In addition, instances have occurred where clubs, having failed to observe the regulations in regard to the cancellation of reserved pitches, object to paying the stipulated fee, and the fee has only been obtained after considerable trouble.  With regard to football, the Committee, in order to prevent the repetition of such cases as these and to obtain a stricter compliance with the regulations, decided in July last that a deposit of 10/- would be paid by each club upon registration.  The introduction of this rule in the case of football has removed the difficulties mentioned above.  The clubs registered during the current season have proved to be bona fide clubs, and the regulations have been strictly complied with.  Your Sub-Committee recommend, therefore, that a similar rule be introduced in regard to the registration of cricket clubs.

Owing to complaints that preferential treatment was given to certain football clubs in previous years, the Committee also decided in July last that football pitches should be booked at the Head office.  Similar complaints in regard to cricket pitches have been received, and your Sub-Committee recommend that a similar rule to that mentioned above should be made in regard to the booking of cricket pitches.  The booking of football pitches at Head Office during the current season has proved successful.  The chief advantages of the system are:
1.      All clubs share equally the good and other pitches.

2.     In the event of all the pitches at a particular park being booked up, a club desiring to play there is given the opportunity of playing in the nearest park in which pitches are available.

3.     The whole of the arrangements can be controlled from head Office, and strict compliance with the regulations enforced, particularly in regard to clubs who, after having failed to use a reserved pitch, object to paying the stipulated fee.  Since the commencement of the new scheme in September last, between £20 and £25 has been collected from defaulting clubs.

4.     The issue of receipts in respect of football fees at all the parks can be checked by the Ticket Inspector, whereas under the old system he was only able to check the receipts at the parks he could visit during one afternoon.  In this connection the Ticket Inspector reported recently that a large increase has taken place during the current football season in the issue of tickets for dressing rooms.

A copy of the proposed regulations relating to cricket in the parks, which incorporate the above mentioned recommendations, is annexed, and your Sub-Committee recommend that the same be approved.

City of Birmingham Parks and Cemeteries Department,
                                                                    161 Corporation Street,

Regulations Relating to Cricket in the Parks

Cricket pitches are reserved for matches at the following Parks, etc.:-

Aston Park                                             Oaklands Estate (Redhill)
Billesley Common                                 Perry Park
Black Patch Recreation Ground           Pype Hayes Park
Calthorpe Park                                       Selly Oak Park
Cannon Hill Park                                    Shortheath Park
Castle Bromwich Playing Fields           Selly Park Recreation
Handsworth Park                                   Stetchford Recreation
Hay Barn Farm Estate (Hay Mills)         Summerfield Park
Highbury Park                                         Swanshurst Park
Kings’ Heath Park                                   Victoria Common
Lightswood Park                                     Ward End Park
Morden Road Recreation Ground         Yardley Recreation

1.     The fees for reserved cricket pitches are 4/- per afternoon match, 2/6 per evening match (i.e. one which commences at 6 p.m. or after) and 6d. per match for school clubs.  The fee must be paid to the officer in charge before commencement of play.  Dressing accommodation, where available, is provided at an extra charge of 1/- per room per match.  At Castle Bromwich Playing Fields a charge of 5/- is made for the use of an ordinary pitch (including the use of dressing room).

2.     Two clubs are registered in respect of each pitch, and only clubs that have been duly registered can participate in the use of reserved pitches.

3.     Forms of application for registration can be obtained from The Secretary, Parks Department, 161, Corporation Street, Birmingham.  The forms must be filled in and returned, together with a stamped addressed envelope, not later than 14th march, 1927.  In the event of applications being in excess of the number of pitches available, a ballot will be taken, and clubs not successful in obtaining a pitch at the park applied for will be given the option of being registered to play in another park near the one applied for if pitches are available there, but if not then at some other park where pitches may be available.

4.     All applications for registration must be accompanied by a deposit of 10/-, which will be refunded at the end of the season, upon the registration card being returned, unless a club has failed to meet its financial and other obligations satisfactorily.

5.      The playing season commences on the 1st May and ends on 31st August, and matches will not be permitted after the 31st August under any circumstances.  Play is not allowed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

6.     Notification of all matches must be sent to The Secretary, Parks Department, 161, Corporation Street, at least 14 days prior to the date of each fixture, and a stamped addressed envelope enclosed for reply.

7.     The scratching of any match involves the forfeiture of the permit, and the permit must be returned to the Parks Department, 161, Corporation Street, forthwith.  If not received by 12 noon on the day before the date fixed for the proposed match the usual fee will be payable.

8.     Practice pitches are provided for the use of registered clubs in each park, and practice will be permitted on these pitches only and not on the match pitch.

9.     Clubs practising must provide nets, which must measure not less than 16 yards at the sides and 4 yards at the back of the wickets.  They must be at least 6-ft high and be securely fixed in position in a proper manner.

10.  Any reserved pitch not in use or claimed by the club to which it has been allocated half an hour after the time fixed for the commencement of the match will be let to  any other club applying for the use of same to the officer in charge.

11.  Any pitch not reserved for a registered club will be let for play to any club applying for the use of the same to the officer in charge.

12.  Stumps must be drawn at least a quarter of an hour before the time of closing the parks.

13.  The position of the wickets will be indicated by the officer in charge, and the ground marked out ready for play.

14.  Officers in charge are authorized to prohibit play at any time if they consider the ground unfit.

15.  In the event of doubtful weather conditions prevailing, application must be made by clubs holding permits to the officer in charge for their decision as to the fitness of the ground, otherwise the usual fee will be payable.

16.  Clubs should appoint their own stewards to assist the park officials in preventing the general public from encroaching on the field of play and keeping the ground clear.

17.  School children under 14 years of age are allowed to play at any time on certain portions of the parks without first applying for permission to do so.

18.  Clubs are not permitted to solicit or collect money or money’s worth within the park or at the park entrances.

19.  Clubs breaking up during the season must return their registration cards forthwith to the Parks Department, 161, Corporation Street.  If no application for a pitch is received from a club for six consecutive weeks, the club will be deemed to have broken up and their registration will be cancelled.

7114   Resolved:-  That the regulations relating to cricket in the parks for the 1927 season as annexed be approved.

15th March 1927 - Administration Sub-Committee, reported on
4th April 1927 – Parks Committee

The following report of the Architectural Assistant was submitted:-

Gibbins Road – New Roadway

I beg to report that the new roadway with all necessary drains has now been constructed and is in use.

It was necessary to raise the level of the road and fencing at the entrance and also to continue the footpath kerb to the gate posts in order to prevent storm water assembling at this point.

11th April 1927 – General Purposes Sub-Committee, reported on
2nd May 1927 – Parks Committee

Alderman Lovsey submitted the following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee:-

Cricket and Tennis in the Parks, 1927

Applications for cricket pitches and tennis courts in the various parks and recreation grounds for this year have been dealt with as follows:

(a)   Cricket

All the clubs that applied for pitches at the places mentioned below were registered to play at the park or recreation ground desired, viz:-

Selly Oak Park   (listed with 16 other parks or recreation grounds)

(b)   Tennis

(Selly Oak Park was not included in the arrangements)

7209   Resolved:-  That the report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee be approved.

17th May 1927 - Administration Sub-Committee, reported on
13th June 1927 – Parks Committee

Councillor Gelling submitted the following report of the Administration Sub-Committee:

Use of Parks by various Organisations

Your Sub-Committee report that the following applications for the use of certain parks by the undermentioned organizations have been granted:-

Park                  Date                 Society                         Purpose
Selly Oak        Saturday.         Selly Oak & Bourn-       Permission to hold annual children’s
June 18th         Brook Children’s           party as in previous years, the park
Summer Party Fund      to be closed to the public from 2 -      5 pm.

7277X   Resolved:-  That the permissions granted to the various Organisations requiring the use of the parks for the dates and purposes referred to in the foregoing report be approved and confirmed.

25th June 1927 – Birmingham News

The Week’s News from the Districts
Selly Oak

Children’s Festival – The Selly Oak and Bournbrook Children’s Summer Festival was held at Selly Oak Park, Gibbins Road, on Saturday, a procession starting from Dawlish Road.
A hundred children, trained by Miss E. Jones, took part in frolics around the maypole.  There were numerous side-shows and games, including the old favourites, coconut shies, hoop-la, skittles, darts, and man-in-the-tub.  Elliott’s Works Band and Woodgate Band were engaged.

27th June 1927 – Finance Sub-Committee, reported on
6th July 1927 – Parks Committee

Councillor Longford submitted the following report of the Finance Sub-Committee:

Income and Expenditure 1926/27

The City Treasurer has submitted the annexed statement of the income and expenditure of your Committee for the year 1925-6.

Selly Oak Park
Estimated 1926/27                     Actual for year
Income                                      £80                                           £88. 19. 11.
Expenditure                               £850                                         £1,044. 2. 3.

24th October 1927 – Finance Sub-Committee

The following report of the City Treasurer was received:-

Damage caused by floods

The Treasurer reports that the expenditure to date in connection with the damage caused by floods is as follows:-

Selly Oak Park              £60:  8:  10

21st November 1927 – Finance Sub-Committee

The following report of the City Treasurer was received:-

Damage caused by floods

The Treasurer reports that the expenditure to date in connection with the damage caused by floods is as under:-

Selly Oak Park              £75:  4:  9

21st November 1927 – General Purposes Sub Committee

It is reported that a piece of land at Weoley Park, to the south of Lodge Hill Cemetery, had been offered to the City.  There is a paragraph in the report of the Architectural Assistant (Mr. Charles Farmer):-

Mr. Morrison who visited the site with me, agreed that the land was most unsuitable for a park or recreation ground.  The site is within the Selly Oak Ward, which has Selly Oak Park, Selly Park Recreation Ground, Muntz Park, Pebble Mill Playing Fields, Hazelwell Recreation Ground, and part of Bournville Park, so that this particular district is well provided for with open spaces.

19th December 1927 - Administration Sub-Committee

Emoluments to Employees – proposed substitution of fixed allowances

On Minute No. 4697 the Secretary presented the following report:-


In accordance with the instructions contained in the above mentioned Minute (4697), I submit herewith a schedule giving particulars of the employees of the department who are in receipt of emoluments in the nature of free house and/or fuel and light.  The schedule shows the amount of the annual value which has been placed upon such emoluments for superannuation purposes.

Schedule of servants who are in receipt of emoluments

Name                Park or Rec Ground       Nature of                      Annual Value of
                                                                    Emoluments                  Emoluments
J.T. Horton        Selly Oak Park              House, fuel & light                     £56

4710   Resolved:-  That the Chairman and the Chairman of the General Committee together with Alderman Lovsey, be requested to examine the schedule and to report their recommendations